Participation in events

I Jornadas Afrociências, Bragança, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal, 23-24/05/2024

Best work presented award

Seminários 2024: From field to table: the problem of mycotoxins in cereals
The World Mycotoxin Forum 14th Conference, Antwerp, Belgium, 9-11/10/2023

Contamination by aflatoxins in different food matrices produced and consumed in Mozambique.
Matusse C, Macuamule C, Bila J, Sampaio A, Venâncio A, Rodrigues P

41st ECCO meeting, Brussels, Belgium, 19-22/09/2023

Isolation of filamentous fungi from different food matrices from Angola and Mozambique.
Vale-Dias T, Matusse C, Carvalho S, Silva B, Soares C, Lucamba Z, Afonso S, Macuamule C, Venâncio A, Rodrigues P

3rd ASM Joint Mytox-South Symposium 2022, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 04-07/09/2022

MYCOTOX-PALOP – Multi-actor partnership for the risk assessment of mycotoxins along the food chain in African Portuguese-speaking countries (PALOP).
Macuamule C, Venâncio A, Afonso S, Rodrigues P